H E L L O 

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+ I'm a real ginger

+ im obsessed with the mysteries in nature. if you don't know what bioluminescence is then you need to 

+ jesus is my hero + the reason i breathe 

+ i dream of doing art therapy in north korea, teaching photography in india and doing a pilgrimage to mecca

+ if you know who kristen wiig is, we should probably be friends 

+ im constantly fascinated by how architecture impacts our society 

+ i'm discovering my love for poetry


M Y  S T O R Y  

after somewhat falling into the wedding industry at the ripe old age of 20, i have come to love the art of creating spaces where genuine affection, true joy and this adventure we call life, is exposed naturally. i count it an honor to be a part of each of my clients season of engagement and an active witness to their holy vows. 

i absolutely love that i get to create at the same moment a sacred promise is spoken into existence. i have been blessed with some of the most talented, creative + thoughtful clients. i am based in sunny california but ready and willing to travel.

i cannot wait to create with you!

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