God and his kingdom are so active in this time. people are having, or continue to have these spiritual encounters. the spirit world has been woken up more than ever, through the imagery, the visual culture that we are. the media, the power of the super humans in so many of the stories. through drugs, ayawahsha, DMT, the spirit molecule!! we are finding research in the science and health fields that point toward supernatural, spiritual world. we have technology that maps "temperatures" in the air. when they photograph the room, they have see the actual spirits. because when a warm spirit comes, you get chills, because physically they are observing your warmth as they pass by, are present in the same room!! 

the church has for too long not fostered spaces for people to see the spiritual and has not be a training ground for what to do, when you encounter and angelic or demonic. we are powerless, because we dont know that the power is in us through christ. through how he made us in his images, in his spiritual image. in his change people, things around you through physical and spiritual acts of love. 

theres a guy that has markers all over the world that generate random numbers. usually the numbers are random, 0, 1 , 0, 1. what they have found is that the devices were picking up the worlds "consciousness" and 4 hours before 9-11 the series of numbers started having more patterns and more movement, more rhythm and overall, more action. THE SPIRITUAL WAR, that was going on!! the angels trying to talk to us, telling it was going to happen, waring for peace, the DEMONS, speaking death over the people involved and the destruction they were fighting for. so real, imagine if we became awake to the "worlds mind" aka the spiritual realm began predicting the evil hours even days or months before it happens. praying and partnering with God to teach us how to bring peace among the war, and how to be offensive in things. not just waiting to "deal" with the evil, but really creating with God about our offensive plan to fight with love, to create the third heaven here on earth. 


j.z. knight, head of ramtha's school of enlightenment :

Is a discipline taught by Ramtha in which the students learn to put their bodies in a catatonic state similar to deep sleep, yet retaining their conscious awareness in order to access their deep subconscious, repair the physical body, change undesirable or no longer needed patterns of thinking and behavior, induce lucid dreaming, or out-of-body experiences. >> totally biblical principles that the church has done a terrible job of creatively and empoweredly, really actually practiced or showed people how

maybe my "bible study" can incorporate things like this. prophetic activations, whatever you want to call them. label them nothing, just life. 



Communication from one mind directly to another from a distance. Learn to access information using the faculties of the midbrain. have one person draw a picture that represents ___. person on other side of the room, in another room draws what they feel for that person.